Raddest Sunday ever. I hooped in the park all day with some badass hoopers I met at a street fair last weekend. Then finished off our six hour hoop session with a workshop by Katie Emmitt. I learned so many amazing new things and just feel all around blessed today! xx

There is even talk of us (my new friends and myself) putting together some workshops in the near future. So excite!

My younger brother as he is leaving the house:

"Okay, I’ll be back with some drugs."

 said: Hope you feel better soon bb

Thanks, sweet soul! I’m working on it. Ugh colds always happen at the most inconvenient times :’(


So I’m at school right now. I am sick as fuck. I can’t talk but I managed to read my artist statement to my class in the hoarsest voice ever. You’re welcome, class. Man, this day is a peach. I also started my period and my new leggings are covered on blood #uteruslove 

It’s okay though. I lost my dignity years ago. 

Of course I get sick right in time for my first art critique of the semester. At least I got a free camera bag today!

I think poop buddies should be a normal thing at school. Like you’re sitting there studying, your shit is spread all over the place, you just chugged ten cups of coffee, and all of a sudden you have to poop. The person sitting next to you should ask no questions and understand that it is their fucking duty to watch your stuff while you sprint off to let one rip. That’s just what I think. School would be so much less stressful. 

A friend I haven’t seen in four years was supposed to stay with us last night on his way through Idaho, but he never showed nor called/Facebook messaged/ anything. I’m the biggest worrier and have been checking accident reports throughout the states of Idaho, Nevada, and California. Fuck. I hope everyone is okay.

For less dark news, I have just tomorrow to edit and print photographs before our critique and I’m stressed out because I ALWAYS allot myself more time than this. STRESSSSSSS

And then I have a mandatory training class at work tomorrow. So as soon as I get back from school I have to zip over to work and be there for the rest of the evening. 

Oh, and I SUCK at cross hatching so that’s stressful too because my next drawing in my drawing class is cross hatching. 

So here is my long drawn out whine and the only serious and more concerning part of all of it is that my friend never showed up and I’m worried everyone is dead. 

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