I am crocheting a hat for my pile of dreads and well, it’s been years since I’ve done anything of the sort. I’ve probably redone this thing a million times. Ugh, this last time will work though… I hope.

I saved a goose! Or at least I like to think that I did. Today Sean and I went out to purchase some wares, when I witnessed a group of kids in an abandoned lot wielding rocks and planks, swinging at something smaller than them. I realized right away it was actually a goose and that they were trying to kill it for fun. We immediately called our local dispatch and they came and got rid of the kids and now the goose is safe, for now. 

Some children are completely innocent. Whereas others are spawns of the devil himself. No matter how shitty I could have been when I was a kid, I would never have tried to murder an animal for fun!  Ugh. 

The goose is still out in that field because I think she’s laying on eggs, so send prayers of protection to the goose! I know I will be.

My kneecaps have been burned by the sun. 

Oh man, the pain is real.

Anonymous: I am thinking about buying a hula hoop. Do you gave any tips for beginners?

Tips on buying? I would recommend maybe starting with a heavier hoop, like 100 PSI/ 125 PSI/ 160 PSI (though 160 is prettyyyyy heavy). I just started with a cheap hoop from Toys R Us and that worked fine for me, though I imagine it would be much easier to start off with a heavier hoop! 

As for learning tricks YouTube will be your best friend! I learned everything I know from watching tutorials and other hooper’s videos of themselves just flowing. A great site to check out would be: http://www.hoop-trix.com/ There are links to all sorts of hooping tutorials there. 

Hmmm, I hope this has helped? If you have anymore questions don’t be afraid to ask :) and happy hooping, precious soul <3

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